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Welcome To Al-Ikha General Company owned by the Iraqi State in full, of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals


Water purification units and its filters

water purification units of capacities ( 50 m3, 100 m3 and 200 m3)/hr. Production capacity up to (20-40) complete purification unit per year.

Cooking gas cylinders and its valves used in Iraq

Cooking gas cylinders and its valves used in Iraq: manufacturing of Cooking gas cylinders and its valves used in Iraq with production capacity of (500,000) cylinder / year and (850,000 valve/year). For one shift.

Electricity power transmission towers production line

producing of (33, 132 and 400)KV power transmission towers with capacity of (20,000) ton/year. The line can produce metal structure in addition to towers which used in construction and trusses sectors.

Dual and single head microscope
Liquid carbon dioxide Co2 with purity of (99.99%)
Optics production

1- tubular bubbles: with high accuracy  according to required sensitivity.

2- medical lenses: in different  sizes.


Production of rollers and conveyer chains

Production of rollers and conveyer chains:

For materials with diameters range from (60.3 – 160)mm in different lengths. For these kinds:-

1- conveyer belt rollers.

2- steel rollers for metalic chains and transmission containers.


Spare parts for cement and chemical plants and other works


1st .Rehabilitation and maintenance:

1- Supplying and installation of water purification units accompanied with pipes network.

·        Implemented projects in this field: infrastructure of Al-Anbar province (Falluja, Ramady, heet , ..etc) .

2- rehabilitation of plants and factories: the company acting currently in rehabilitation of cement plants production lines and other factories in well known Efficiency that obtained our customers satisfaction.

·        Implemented projects in this field:

-      Kubaisa cement plant: rehabilitation and repair the following equipment:

1- heaters (RSP).

2- cement mills and composing cement mill gears.

-      Kirkuk cement plant: cement mills and composing cement mill gears.

-      Al-Shaheed state company: rehabilitation and repairing cooling towers.



Under implementing works:

1- Kubaisa cement plant.

2- Falluja cement plant.

3- Al-Qaim cement plant.

4- Kirkuk cement plant.

5- Phosphate State company/ Al-Qaim.

6- Building of (200) house for AL-Anbar governorate in ready-made of metal structure method.

2nd . Designing and construction of production lines:

Construct two production lines for Al-Shaheed state company with turn-key manner. They are:

1- production line for brass pipes used in heat exchangers for different diameters according to international standards.

2- Electricity buss bars production line from pure electric cupper for different sizes.











































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