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Welcome To Al-Ikha General Company owned by the Iraqi State in full, of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals


Turning :-

 Vertical (CNC):- Dim. Up to (5500)mm, Height up to (2200)mm weight (80) tons.

 Horizontal :- Dia. Up to (500)mm, lengths up to (12000)mm.


Milling (CNC):-

for cubic workpieces Dims. Up to (4500x5500x5500)mm. weight up to (100)tons. Cylindrical workpieces Dias. Up to (2000x2000x6000)mm.

Milling of small and medium workpieces.


 Grinding:- types as follows:-
 1 - External cylindrical Dias. (5-250)mm, Lengths. (5- 2000)mm.
 2- Internal cylindrical Dias. (10-150)mm, Lengths. Up to (400)mm.
 3- Surface grinding Dim. From (10x10) Up to (300 x 800)mm. Vertical grinding Dias. (10x15) Up to (100x300)mm


 Deep drilling:- Dias. Up to (250)mm, Lengths Up to (12000)mm depending on available tool.


Polishing :- Dias. Up to (250)mm, Lengths Up to (12000)mm.



Horizontal:- Dims. Up to (2000x500)mm.

vertical : Height up to (400)mm.


press:- using hydraulic and mechanical presses up to (500)ton according to specific dyes.


Engraving:- Mark lines, Figures and letters over metallic cylindrical and horizontal parts, with different Dimensions.


 - Electric spark and Oxi-Estelline flame. Spot welding.
 - Specialized welding:- MAG, MIG. And TIG. To produce different types circular reservoirs with different lengths.
 - Radial welding:- TIG. Weld Dias. Up to (500)mm and  length. Up to (3000)mm.
 Longitudinal welding:- tube forming after rolling Dims. Up to (500x1000)mm.

- Radial automatic welding for diameters up to (5000) mm and Submerge longitudinal welding for length (10,000) mm.


Metals cutting:-

 - Mechanical (shear):- thickness up to 20 mm.

- Flame cutting:- thickness up to 300mm and Dims. Up to (3000x15000)mm and (4000x6500) mm.

- Reciprocating saw up to Dia. (100) mm. strip saw up to Dia. (1000) mm.
- Plasma:- cutting of SST Up to (≠80x6000x3000)mm.

Leaser cutting:- ordinary steel up to (≠ 25x3000x1500), SST up to (≠ 15x3000x1500) and aluminum up to (≠10x3000x1500).


Tubular shapes manufacturing:- by plate benging of thickness up to (86) mm and open diameter according to required and lengths Up to (3000)mm.


Injection casting:-casting of aluminum parts according to specific molds, for weigh up to (850)gm.


Heat treatment:-
1- Stress relief after welding and forming.

2- Metal softening.

3- Hardening:-

-       By submerging in Oil or water.

-       By carbonizing or nitride.

Using different kinds of electric furnaces:-

-Deep furnaces :- Dims. Up to (6000)mm.

-Horizontal furnaces :- Dims. Up to (400x400x600)mm.


Surface treatment: types as follows:-  with these types:-

1- Interior and exterior coating with hard Crum.

2- Galvanizing , phosphatization and blackness.

3- Sand blast and painting.


Optical parts manufacturing:- produce lenses, prisms and mirrors with different Dims.
 1- Surface forming, spherical forming and eccentric focusing.
 2- Optical parts engraving.
 3-- Vacuum coating: coating of lenses, prisms and mirrors. According to positive wave lengths, reflection and transparency. Using metals (gold, silver, copper,


Engineering and Design activity

Engineering and Design activity

The company have distinct engineering activity in the field of designing , technology and developing researches. The engineering staff relaying on the recent computer technologies in accomplishing their jobs.

Laboratories and engineering inspection:-

The company have specialized laboratories to implement inspections and issuing inspection certifications are:

1-  mechanical lab.: measuring of (stress resistance and impact), Hardness types (HB,HV,HRC).

2- metallic inspection lab.: inspection of cracks by ultrasonic and magnetic field, determine  metal crystal structure and internal defects.

3-Metal analysis lab.: metal inspecting  and determine the chemical structure and raw material type by fixed and new developed portable device.

4- painting lab.: inspection of constancy, elasticity of paint, sand blast device.

5- pressure inspection with limits (5- 1600) bars.


Mechanical machining for Towers and metallic structures:-

Machining and production of electric towers (33, 132 & 400) KV and different metallic structures (trusses and buildings) and communications towers up to (100)m.





























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