nAl-Ikha General Company owned by the Iraqi State in full, of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. The company is a large industrial complex with five factories, each factory has the specificity to distinguish them from the rest of factories.  

nTherefore, the company produces a wide spectrum of products, and has a huge potential of manufacturing. The company has specialized technical staff and trained qualify to accomplish different works. The company directed to produce spare parts for plants and factories inside Iraq during the period from 2004 until now, and in particular spare parts for the cement plants, chemical plants, power plants, spare parts of the private sector in domestic market, an integrated plants for water purification units with capacities (50), (100), (200) m 3 / hour, optical devices and parts (microscopes, spectrometers) for the laboratories of educational and laboratory testing, alimentary liquid Co2 of purity 99.99%.



nThe company offers services in the field of rehabilitation and design of complete factory production lines a delivery of the key beneficiaries.

Our goal is the production of high-quality and gain customer satisfaction, the company is seeking to engage in cooperation and joint investment with local and foreign companies for the purpose of developing the potential of the company's competitiveness.
The company is currently in the process of obtaining ISO 2008 under the supervision of a specialized institutes.















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