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Welcome To Al-Ikha General Company owned by the Iraqi State in full, of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals


nAl-Ikha general company Founded in 1984 named (Saddam state establishment), one formed of the Military manufacturing committee specialized in manufacture of artillery of calibers  122 mm and 155 mm and its optical systems for the benefit of Iraqi Ministry of Defense.


nthe company Contributed in the reconstruction of Iraq, the first campaign in 1992 for the civil infrastructure (bridges, water treatment plants, power plants, factories and various production lines ... etc.) and military infrastructure and weapons (the rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the camps, rehabilitation of laboratories and production lines of military .


nIn the post-2003 and so far the company's administration has sought to enter into civilian production to benefit from self-potential and the development of new production lines for the purpose of continuing the work of the company, development, and open new horizons for the marketing of products.

nCurrently the company consists of five factories in the same geographical area of the company. Built-up area of the company's factories and office buildings (137353 square meters) as well as the company has a residential compound housing employees of 2000 housing units away (8) kilometers from the company. While the land area held by the company (25,900,000) square meters.



nA complete infrastructure available in the company of water and electricity and communications and industrial sewage. Is linked to the company's modern network of roads with the Governorate of Baghdad and Anbar province and the southern provinces.

nCompany is located in: Iraq / Anbar province / Fallujah Directorate/ Ameriya Quarter.



nNew projects
The projects entered the company in 2008 after a new stage of development to strengthen the trend in civil manufacturing are


  Rotary furnaces parts for cement, fertilizers and construction plants in different sizes: fuel and gas tanks, the project consists of plate bending machine for thickness up to (86) mm and vertical turning machine for Dia. Up to (5000) mm and flame cutting machine for thickness up to (300) mm and Dimensions up to (3000x15000)mm & (4000x6500) mm. Work will begin at the end of this year.


  Galvanization line of electric power transmission towers and steel structures: Galvanization of towers, electric power and steel structure with capacity (150 tons per day) it is hoped that work would start in the first quarter of 2010. The project serves the production line of towers and steel structures in addition to what come from outside the company.

electric power transmission towers(2nd phase): after completing the 1st phase of the project and started actual production, we began in this project ; it is a production line for electricity power transmission towers (33, 132 & 400) KV.

Electric power station: capacity (15) megawatts for the Company usage. For the purpose of providing stability of energy supply, which reflected increased production and stability and regularity for production.


The project of producing oxygen and nitrogen gases: production capacity (50 m 3 / hour) and purity (99.6-99.9%) for industrial purposes. It is hoped to start production late in 2009.














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